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25th July 2014
NEW EDITION OF CHARTS NO 53, 63, 65, 68, 256 & 257

10th July 2014
World Hydrography Day Celebrations in Poland

30th May 2014
NEW EDITION OF CHARTS NO 15 (INT1299), 48 (INT1298), 251 (INT1218), 252 (INT1219) & 500 (INT1021)

29th April 2014

10th March 2014

31st January 2014
NEW EDITION OF CHARTS NO 47 (INT1297) & 75 (INT1296)

30th October 2013
New № 55 Chart

23rd August 2013
NEW EDITION OF CHARTS NO 74 (INT1295), 154 (INT1294), 113 & 255

Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy (BHMW/HOPN) is a service supporting the Navy in terms of navigation, hydrography, meteorology, and oceanography.

At the same time, HOPN plays the role of the National Hydrographic, Aids to Navigation and Nautical Cartography Service. Its main responsibilities, HOPN carries out:
The above responsibilities comply with the stipulated for National Hydrographic Services in resolutions adopted by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and International Maritime Organization (IMO). HOPN represents Poland in the organizations.

Organized in Departments and Sections, HOPN’s operations and responsibilities are exercised and governed by a set of basic documents, with the most important being the Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy. The Scope of Responsibilities. For more details, see: About Us -> Organization.

All charts and nautical publications published by the HOPN cover maritime areas under the jurisdiction of the Polish Republic and the areas designated as operational for the Polish Navy. The exceptions are: Chart 23 and the small-craft charts set (Atlas 3022) including also charts demonstrating navigable sections of inland waterways, which link waters of Zatoka Gdańska (Gulf of Gdańska) with Zalew Wiślany (Vistula Lagoon). These charts have been included in the Atlas 3022 only to make it easier for the sailors to pass through the waterway. Data included in these charts, in particular, the soundings, is not check surveyed on systematic and co-ordinated basis by the Hydrographic Service.

Because of the above, soundings, obstructions to navigation, and shoreline data shown on these charts should be meant as only general (approximate). Detailed information on navigability of these waterways sections are available at Regionalny Zarząd Gospodarki Wodnej w Gdańsku (Regional Water Management Board in Gdańsk).

Similar nature is presented by the data of inland waterways adjacent to the Port of Szczecin - Jezioro Dąbie (Dąbie Lake), Regalica, and their branches - the selected sections of which are demonstrated on the HOPN charts and on the small-craft charts (Atlas 3020) covering the area. Detailed information on navigability of these waters are available at Regionalny Zarząd Gospodarki Wodnej w Szczecinie (Regional Water Management Board in Szczecin).
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