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How should the E-NtMs Search Engine be used?

The E-NtMs search engine has annual sets of NtMs uploaded, from the year 2000 volume onward.

To search for an issue of NtMs:

- Pop up the year menu and select the required year,

- Pop up the NtMs menu and select the required issue using its number, release date, or the bracketed range of numbers.

All NtMs issues are in the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format.

Caution: The Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy (HOPN) reminds the mariners that because of the law, binding in Poland, the sole source, which should to be used to amend Polish nautical charts and publications, is the hardcopy of the Wiadomości Żeglarskie weekly (Notices to Mariners). The sole purpose of the E-Notices to Mariners is to enhance the flow of nautical information.
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