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Notices to Mariners (NtMs) weekly contains information about modifications to navigational marks (buoys established or removed, character of a light or appearance of a mark modified, etc.), current wreck situation, temporary restrictions imposed on navigation, modifications to marine zones, etc. In addition, NtMs announce that new HOPN’s publications are going to be released, previous editions will be made obsolete, and provide other information that might be useful to navigation and shipping.

Issues of NtMs, successively numbered from the beginning of each year, are released every Friday. Successive notices have same numbering system.

Information contained in NtMs is the base for small correction of charts and some of the nautical publications. The range of information depends on the area covered by HOPN’s charts and publications. The updating information is selected so that proper correction and maintenance of the charts and publications were ensured. To compile NtMs, HOPN uses its own source data, data obtained from regional offices of the Polish Maritime Administration, and other organizations, which affect the safety of navigation.

When a notice, regarding areas outside Polish Maritime Areas, is to be published, official information, promulgated by national Hydrographic Offices, is the source material for the Polish NtMs.

Any notice, promulgated in NtMs, indicates the number of the affected chart or publication.

Each Permanent-type notice, affecting a chart, indicates the previous Permanent notice, which has already affected the chart. The List of Permanent Notices to Mariners is published at the first week of each quarter. The List of Temporary and Intended Notices to Mariners is published at the second week of each quarter.

Provided it is necessary, inset pages and chartlets are promulgated in NtMs. The pages and chartlets are an integral part of an issue and should be used to update Pilots, List of Lights and Fog Signals, List of Radio Signals, and other publications of HOPN; chartlets are pasted on charts.

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