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Polish Sailing Directions (Polish Pilot)

Polish Sailing Directions (Polish Pilot) Polish Sailing Directions or the Polish Pilot is a nautical publication published by HOPN. This publication contains all information, pictures, sketches, etc., necessary for seafarers, along with description of navigational, meteorological, oceanographical, and geographical situation existing along the Polish coast. It also provides an invaluable assistance to these, who, for the first time, navigate across waters covered by this volume. Enriched with pictures, chartlets, and tables, this Pilot is worth referring to and making approaches to Polish ports easier and safer. Plans of Ports, included in this Pilot, are an integral part of it and demonstrate, in detail, piers, wharves, and port channels. In addition, prior to making landfall, the seafarers should study Port Regulations laid down by local Maritime Administrations; the Regulations are here, in this volume.

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