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Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) are vector products complying with IHO S-57 Standard Ed. 3.1 .

ENCs include all information required to navigate a vessel safely. Moreover, ENCs include many additional details that enhance the safety of navigation and enable mariners to control their vessel in comfort.

Mostly, ENCs are used as core components of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS), but the charts can also be used in other systems provided the systems support the ENC/S-57 data format.

Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy (HOPN) is the sole producer of the ENCs covering the Polish Maritime Areas.
New editions of ENCs are based on the Polish charts and nautical publications, and updated as current Notices to Mariners are released.

PRIMAR RENC, the a worldwide ENC service operated by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service (NHS), incorporating the Regional Electronic Navigational Chart Coordinating Centre (RENC), distributes ENCs. For information on purchasing and the global coverage, visit: www.primar.org

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